We are slowly working on getting a new website going for Zipios++. The main idea is that we want to be able to upload some more pages than just the documentation. Not only that, we want to support having more than one version of the documentation.

Running the unit tests (v2.x)

Testing on various systesm, I determined that to all the unit tests in one go, you need about 50Mb of memory. The fact is that some tests create zip files in memory. The library used by itself would require very little in comparison unless you load a large number of files and keep them in memory.

A computer with 512Mb of RAM is enough to run the tests although I suggest at least 1Gb. One processor is enough since we do not offer a multithreaded version of the tests. However, since we use cmake, you can compile using any number of processors and that will make it a lot faster. (i.e. use the -J command line option with make to compile multiple source files at once; it is very fast anyway.)