zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNanonymous_namespace{zipios.cpp}A few static variables and functions
\NzipiosThe zipios namespace includes the Zipios++ library definitions
 |oCMatchFileNameClass object used with the std::find_if() function
 |\CMatchNameClass object used with the std::find_if() function
 |\CZipCentralDirectoryEntryHeaderThe header of a ZipCentralDirectoryEntry in a Zip archive
 oNanonymous_namespace{zipendofcentraldirectory.cpp}Private definitions of the ZipEndOfCentralDirectory class
 oNanonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}Various definitions for local blocks
 |\CZipLocalEntryHeaderZipLocalEntry Header
 oCBackBufferTo read a file by chunk from the end
 oCCollectionCollectionA collection of collections
 oCDeflateOutputStreambufA class to handle stream deflate on the fly
 oCDirectoryCollectionA collection generated from reading a directory
 oCDirectoryEntryA file entry that does not use compression
 oCExceptionBase exception of the zipios environement
 oCFileCollectionBase class for various file collections
 oCFileCollectionExceptionFileCollectionException is used to signal a FileCollection problem
 oCFileEntryA FileEntry represents an entry in a FileCollection
 oCFilePathHandle a file path and name and its statistics
 oCFilterInputStreambufA base class to develop input stream filters
 oCFilterOutputStreambufA base class to develop output stream filters
 oCGZIPOutputStreamA stream implementation that outputs data to a ZIP file
 oCGZIPOutputStreambufSave the output stream buffer
 oCInflateInputStreambufA stream buffer to inflate data previous compressed with zlib
 oCInvalidExceptionAn InvalidException is used when invalid data is provided
 oCInvalidStateExceptionException used when it is not possible to move forward
 oCIOExceptionAn IOException is used to signal an I/O error
 oCVirtualSeekerA virtual class used to see in a file embedded in another
 oCZipCentralDirectoryEntryA specialization of ZipLocalEntry for
 oCZipEndOfCentralDirectoryMarker at the end of a Zip archive file
 oCZipFileCollection of files
 oCZipInputStreamThe ZipInputStream to read data from a Zip archive
 oCZipInputStreambufAn input stream buffer for Zip data
 oCZipLocalEntryAn implementation of the FileEntry for Zip archives
 oCZipOutputStreamA ZipOutputStream to allow for data to be compressed zlib
 \CZipOutputStreambufHandle the output buffer of a zip archive