zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
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file  backbuffer.cpp [code]
 The implementation file of zipios::BackBuffer.
file  backbuffer.hpp [code]
 The header file for zipios::BackBuffer.
file  collectioncollection.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::CollectionCollection.
file  deflateoutputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::DeflateOutputStreambuf.
file  deflateoutputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 Header file that defines zipios::DeflateOutputStreambuf.
file  directorycollection.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::DirectoryCollection.
file  directoryentry.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::DirectoryEntry.
file  dostime.c [code]
 Functions to convert times between Unix and MS-DOS times.
file  dostime.h [code]
 Definitions for the MS-DOS to Unix time conversions.
file  filecollection.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::FileCollection.
file  fileentry.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::FileEntry.
file  filepath.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::FilePath.
file  filterinputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::FilterInputStreambuf.
file  filterinputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 Header file that defines zipios::FilterInputStreambuf.
file  filteroutputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::FilterOutputStreambuf.
file  filteroutputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 Declarations of the zipios::FilterOutputStreambuf.
file  gzipoutputstream.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::GZIPOutputStream.
file  gzipoutputstream.hpp [code]
 This file defines zipios::GZIPOutputStream.
file  gzipoutputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 This file is the implementation of zipios::GZIPOutputStreambuf class.
file  gzipoutputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 File defining zipios::GZIPOutputStreambuf.
file  inflateinputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::InflateInputStreambuf.
file  inflateinputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 Define zipios::InflateInputStreambuf to decompress files.
file  virtualseeker.cpp [code]
 Implementation file that defines zipios::VirtualSeeker.
file  zipcentraldirectoryentry.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::ZipCentralDirectoryEntry.
file  zipcentraldirectoryentry.hpp [code]
 Declaration of the zipios::ZipCentralDirectoryEntry, which represents a directory Zip archive entry.
file  zipendofcentraldirectory.cpp [code]
 Declare zipios::ZipEndOfCentralDirectory whichs handles entries found in a Zip archive directory.
file  zipendofcentraldirectory.hpp [code]
 Declaration of the zipios::ZipEndOfCentralDirectory class.
file  zipfile.cpp [code]
 The implementation of zipios::ZipFile.
file  zipinputstream.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::ZipInputStream.
file  zipinputstream.hpp [code]
 Define zipios::ZipInputStream.
file  zipinputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 Implementation of zipios::ZipInputStreambuf.
file  zipinputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 Define the zipios::ZipInputStreambuf class.
file  zipios_common.cpp [code]
 Various functions used throughout the library.
file  zipios_common.hpp [code]
 Various functions used throughout the library.
file  ziplocalentry.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the zipios::ZipLocalEntry class.
file  ziplocalentry.hpp [code]
 Declare the zipios::ZipLocalEntry class used to handle Zip entries.
file  zipoutputstream.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the zipios::ZipOutputStream class.
file  zipoutputstream.hpp [code]
 Define the zipios::ZipOutputStream class.
file  zipoutputstreambuf.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the zipios::ZipOutputStreambuf class.
file  zipoutputstreambuf.hpp [code]
 Define the zipios::ZipOutputStreambuf class.