zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
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1 #pragma once
5 /*
6  Zipios++ - a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
8  Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Thomas Sondergaard
9  Copyright (C) 2015 Made to Order Software Corporation
11  This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
12  modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
13  License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
14  version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
16  This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
17  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
19  Lesser General Public License for more details.
21  You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
22  License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
23  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
24 */
37 #include "zipios++/filepath.hpp"
39 #include <memory>
40 #include <vector>
43 namespace zipios
44 {
47 enum class StorageMethod : uint8_t
48 {
49  STORED = 0,
50  SHRUNK = 1,
51  REDUCED1 = 2,
52  REDUCED2 = 3,
53  REDUCED3 = 4,
54  REDUCED4 = 5,
55  IMPLODED = 6,
56  TOKENIZED = 7,
57  DEFLATED = 8,
58  DEFLATED64 = 9,
59  OLD_TERSE = 10,
60  RESERVED11 = 11,
61  BZIP2 = 12,
62  REVERVED13 = 13,
63  LZMA = 14,
64  RESERVED15 = 15,
65  RESERVED16 = 16,
66  RESERVED17 = 17,
67  NEW_TERSE = 18,
68  LZ77 = 19,
69  WAVPACK = 97,
70  PPMD_I_1 = 98
71 };
74 class FileEntry
75 {
76 public:
77  typedef std::shared_ptr<FileEntry> pointer_t;
78  typedef std::vector<pointer_t> vector_t;
79  typedef std::vector<unsigned char> buffer_t;
80  typedef uint32_t crc32_t;
81  typedef uint32_t dostime_t;
83  // we use our own compression level type, it gets converted as
84  // required when the level is to be used by a compression scheme
85  typedef int CompressionLevel;
94  FileEntry(FilePath const & filename, std::string const & comment = std::string());
95  virtual pointer_t clone() const = 0;
96  virtual ~FileEntry();
98  virtual std::string getComment() const;
99  virtual size_t getCompressedSize() const;
100  virtual crc32_t getCrc() const;
101  std::streampos getEntryOffset() const;
102  virtual buffer_t getExtra() const;
103  virtual size_t getHeaderSize() const;
104  virtual CompressionLevel getLevel() const;
105  virtual StorageMethod getMethod() const;
106  virtual std::string getName() const;
107  virtual std::string getFileName() const;
108  virtual size_t getSize() const;
109  virtual dostime_t getTime() const;
110  virtual std::time_t getUnixTime() const;
111  bool hasCrc() const;
112  virtual bool isDirectory() const;
113  virtual bool isEqual(FileEntry const& file_entry) const;
114  virtual bool isValid() const;
115  virtual void setComment(std::string const& comment);
116  virtual void setCompressedSize(size_t size);
117  virtual void setCrc(crc32_t crc);
118  void setEntryOffset(std::streampos offset);
119  virtual void setExtra(buffer_t const& extra);
120  virtual void setLevel(CompressionLevel level);
121  virtual void setMethod(StorageMethod method);
122  virtual void setSize(size_t size);
123  virtual void setTime(dostime_t time);
124  virtual void setUnixTime(std::time_t time);
125  virtual std::string toString() const;
127  virtual void read(std::istream& is);
128  virtual void write(std::ostream& os);
130 protected:
132  std::string m_comment;
134  time_t m_unix_time = 0;
135  std::streampos m_entry_offset = 0;
138  uint32_t m_crc_32 = 0;
140  bool m_has_crc_32 = false;
141  bool m_valid = false;
142 };
145 std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& os, FileEntry const& entry);
148 } // zipios namespace
150 // Local Variables:
151 // mode: cpp
152 // indent-tabs-mode: nil
153 // c-basic-offset: 4
154 // tab-width: 4
155 // End:
157 // vim: ts=4 sw=4 et
158 #endif
virtual std::time_t getUnixTime() const
Get the Unix date/time of this entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:374
virtual void setTime(dostime_t time)
Set the FileEntry time using a DOS time.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:653
StorageMethod m_compress_method
Definition: fileentry.hpp:136
bool hasCrc() const
Check whether the CRC32 was defined.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:388
std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream &os, FileCollection const &collection)
Write a FileCollection to the output stream.
virtual std::string getName() const
Return the filename of the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:303
virtual void setUnixTime(std::time_t time)
Sets the time field in Unix time format for the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:668
uint32_t dostime_t
Definition: fileentry.hpp:81
virtual void read(std::istream &is)
Read this FileEntry from the input stream.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:724
virtual buffer_t getExtra() const
Some extra data to be stored along the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:222
virtual StorageMethod getMethod() const
Return the method used to create this entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:282
virtual bool isDirectory() const
Check whether the filename represents a directory.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:402
virtual void write(std::ostream &os)
Write this FileEntry to the output stream.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:742
virtual CompressionLevel getLevel() const
Retrieve the compression level.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:262
buffer_t m_extra_field
Definition: fileentry.hpp:139
virtual std::string getFileName() const
Return the basename of this entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:320
virtual size_t getSize() const
Retrieve the size of the file when uncompressed.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:332
CompressionLevel m_compression_level
Definition: fileentry.hpp:137
The types used with FileEntry::setMethod and FileEntry::getMethod.
Definition: fileentry.hpp:47
virtual crc32_t getCrc() const
Return the CRC of the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:182
virtual size_t getHeaderSize() const
Retrieve the size of the header.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:237
static CompressionLevel const COMPRESSION_LEVEL_NONE
Definition: fileentry.hpp:90
static CompressionLevel const COMPRESSION_LEVEL_DEFAULT
Definition: fileentry.hpp:87
int CompressionLevel
The compression level to be used to save an entry.
Definition: fileentry.hpp:85
virtual void setComment(std::string const &comment)
Set the comment field for the FileEntry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:461
FilePath m_filename
Definition: fileentry.hpp:131
virtual void setSize(size_t size)
Sets the size field for the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:637
static CompressionLevel const COMPRESSION_LEVEL_MINIMUM
Definition: fileentry.hpp:91
void setEntryOffset(std::streampos offset)
Defines the position of the entry in a Zip archive.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:512
virtual bool isEqual(FileEntry const &file_entry) const
Compare two file entries for equality.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:425
virtual dostime_t getTime() const
Get the MS-DOS date/time of this entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:349
virtual std::string toString() const
Returns a human-readable string representation of the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:683
uint32_t crc32_t
Definition: fileentry.hpp:80
virtual void setMethod(StorageMethod method)
Sets the storage method field for the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:585
virtual void setExtra(buffer_t const &extra)
Set the extra field buffer.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:527
virtual ~FileEntry()
Clean up a FileEntry object.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:134
virtual pointer_t clone() const =0
Create a clone of a file entry.
A FileEntry represents an entry in a FileCollection.
Definition: fileentry.hpp:74
FileEntry(FilePath const &filename, std::string const &comment=std::string())
Initialize a FileEntry object.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:100
virtual std::string getComment() const
Retrieve the comment of the file entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:150
std::streampos getEntryOffset() const
Get the offset of this entry in a Zip archive.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:202
virtual void setCompressedSize(size_t size)
Set the size when the file is compressed.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:480
virtual size_t getCompressedSize() const
Retrive the size of the file when compressed.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:164
Define the zipios::FilePath class.
Handle a file path and name and its statistics.
Definition: filepath.hpp:46
std::vector< unsigned char > buffer_t
Definition: fileentry.hpp:79
static CompressionLevel const COMPRESSION_LEVEL_MAXIMUM
Definition: fileentry.hpp:92
virtual void setCrc(crc32_t crc)
Save the CRC of the entry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:492
static CompressionLevel const COMPRESSION_LEVEL_FASTEST
Definition: fileentry.hpp:89
virtual bool isValid() const
Check whether this entry is valid.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:447
static CompressionLevel const COMPRESSION_LEVEL_SMALLEST
Definition: fileentry.hpp:88
size_t m_uncompressed_size
Definition: fileentry.hpp:133
std::streampos m_entry_offset
Definition: fileentry.hpp:135
std::shared_ptr< FileEntry > pointer_t
Definition: fileentry.hpp:77
std::string m_comment
Definition: fileentry.hpp:132
virtual void setLevel(CompressionLevel level)
Define the level of compression to use by this FileEntry.
Definition: fileentry.cpp:548
std::vector< pointer_t > vector_t
Definition: fileentry.hpp:78