zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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|\Czipios::BackBufferTo read a file by chunk from the end
oCzipios::FileCollectionBase class for various file collections
|oCzipios::CollectionCollectionA collection of collections
|oCzipios::DirectoryCollectionA collection generated from reading a directory
|\Czipios::ZipFileCollection of files
oCzipios::FileEntryA FileEntry represents an entry in a FileCollection
|oCzipios::DirectoryEntryA file entry that does not use compression
|\Czipios::ZipLocalEntryAn implementation of the FileEntry for Zip archives
| \Czipios::ZipCentralDirectoryEntryA specialization of ZipLocalEntry for
oCzipios::FilePathHandle a file path and name and its statistics
|\Czipios::ZipInputStreamThe ZipInputStream to read data from a Zip archive
oCzipios::anonymous_namespace{filecollection.cpp}::MatchFileNameClass object used with the std::find_if() function
oCzipios::anonymous_namespace{filecollection.cpp}::MatchNameClass object used with the std::find_if() function
|oCzipios::GZIPOutputStreamA stream implementation that outputs data to a ZIP file
|\Czipios::ZipOutputStreamA ZipOutputStream to allow for data to be compressed zlib
|\Czipios::ExceptionBase exception of the zipios environement
| oCzipios::FileCollectionExceptionFileCollectionException is used to signal a FileCollection problem
| oCzipios::InvalidExceptionAn InvalidException is used when invalid data is provided
| oCzipios::InvalidStateExceptionException used when it is not possible to move forward
| \Czipios::IOExceptionAn IOException is used to signal an I/O error
|oCzipios::FilterInputStreambufA base class to develop input stream filters
||\Czipios::InflateInputStreambufA stream buffer to inflate data previous compressed with zlib
|| \Czipios::ZipInputStreambufAn input stream buffer for Zip data
|\Czipios::FilterOutputStreambufA base class to develop output stream filters
| \Czipios::DeflateOutputStreambufA class to handle stream deflate on the fly
|  oCzipios::GZIPOutputStreambufSave the output stream buffer
|  \Czipios::ZipOutputStreambufHandle the output buffer of a zip archive
oCzipios::VirtualSeekerA virtual class used to see in a file embedded in another
oCzipios::anonymous_namespace{zipcentraldirectoryentry.cpp}::ZipCentralDirectoryEntryHeaderThe header of a ZipCentralDirectoryEntry in a Zip archive
oCzipios::ZipEndOfCentralDirectoryMarker at the end of a Zip archive file
\Czipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeaderZipLocalEntry Header