zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
zipios::anonymous_namespace{zipendofcentraldirectory.cpp} Namespace Reference

Private definitions of the ZipEndOfCentralDirectory class. More...


uint32_t const g_signature = 0x06054b50
 Signature of the ZipEndOfCentralDirectory structure block. More...

Detailed Description

This name space includes definitions exclusively used by the ZipEndOfCentralDirectory class.

Variable Documentation

uint32_t const zipios::anonymous_namespace{zipendofcentraldirectory.cpp}::g_signature = 0x06054b50

This variable is used to define the signature of the ZipEndOfCentralDirectory structure on disk. It is used to create such a block or to detect that such a block exists.

The four byte signature represents the following value:

"PK 5.6" – End of Central Directory

Definition at line 68 of file zipendofcentraldirectory.cpp.

Referenced by zipios::ZipEndOfCentralDirectory::read(), and zipios::ZipEndOfCentralDirectory::write().