zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
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zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader Struct Reference

ZipLocalEntry Header. More...

Public Attributes

uint16_t m_compress_method
uint32_t m_compressed_size
uint32_t m_crc_32
uint32_t m_dostime
uint16_t m_extra_field_len
uint16_t m_extract_version
uint16_t m_filename_len
uint16_t m_general_purpose_bitfield
uint32_t m_signature
uint32_t m_uncompressed_size

Detailed Description

This structure shows how the header of the ZipLocalEntry is defined. Note that the file name and extra field have a variable size which is defined in two 16 bit values just before they appear.

The filename cannot be empty, however, the extra field can (and usually is).

This structure is NOT used directly only for its sizeof() and documentation because that way zipios can work on little and big endians without the need to know the endianess of your computer.

Definition at line 88 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_compress_method

Definition at line 93 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint32_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_compressed_size

Definition at line 96 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint32_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_crc_32

Definition at line 95 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint32_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_dostime

Definition at line 94 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint16_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_extra_field_len

Definition at line 99 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint16_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_extract_version

Definition at line 91 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint16_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_filename_len

Definition at line 98 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint16_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_general_purpose_bitfield

Definition at line 92 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint32_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_signature

Definition at line 90 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

uint32_t zipios::anonymous_namespace{ziplocalentry.cpp}::ZipLocalEntryHeader::m_uncompressed_size

Definition at line 97 of file ziplocalentry.cpp.

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