zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
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zipios-config.hpp File Reference

zipios configuration header. More...

#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
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 The zipios namespace includes the Zipios++ library definitions.


#define ZIPIOS_VERSION_STRING   "2.0.2"


typedef struct stat os_stat_t


size_t zipios::getBufferSize ()
char const * zipios::getVersion ()

Detailed Description

Various configuration parameters, all of which are defined using system specific #ifdef and similar preprocessor tests.

This file also includes some general information such as the library version and common functions and types that are public.

Definition in file zipios-config.hpp.

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Definition at line 3 of file zipios-config.hpp.


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Definition at line 43 of file zipios-config.hpp.

#define ZIPIOS_VERSION_STRING   "2.0.2"

Definition at line 44 of file zipios-config.hpp.

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typedef struct stat os_stat_t

Definition at line 93 of file zipios-config.hpp.