zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
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zipios_common.cpp File Reference

Various functions used throughout the library. More...

#include "zipios_common.hpp"
#include "zipios++/zipiosexceptions.hpp"
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 The zipios namespace includes the Zipios++ library definitions.


void zipios::zipRead (std::istream &is, uint32_t &value)
void zipios::zipRead (std::istream &is, uint16_t &value)
void zipios::zipRead (std::istream &is, uint8_t &value)
void zipios::zipRead (std::istream &is, buffer_t &buffer, ssize_t const count)
void zipios::zipRead (std::istream &is, std::string &str, ssize_t const count)
void zipios::zipRead (buffer_t const &is, size_t &pos, uint32_t &value)
void zipios::zipRead (buffer_t const &is, size_t &pos, uint16_t &value)
void zipios::zipRead (buffer_t const &is, size_t &pos, uint8_t &value)
void zipios::zipRead (buffer_t const &is, size_t &pos, buffer_t &buffer, ssize_t const count)
void zipios::zipRead (buffer_t const &is, size_t &pos, std::string &str, ssize_t const count)
void zipios::zipWrite (std::ostream &os, uint32_t const &value)
void zipios::zipWrite (std::ostream &os, uint16_t const &value)
void zipios::zipWrite (std::ostream &os, uint8_t const &value)
void zipios::zipWrite (std::ostream &os, buffer_t const &buffer)
void zipios::zipWrite (std::ostream &os, std::string const &str)


char const zipios::g_separator = '/'
 The character used as the filename separator. More...

Detailed Description

This fiel defines the Zipios++ common functions that are used throughout the zipios library. At this point it is mainly the low level I/O function to read and write to files or buffers.

Definition in file zipios_common.cpp.