zipios++  2.0.2
Zipios++ – a small C++ library that provides easy access to .zip files.
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zipiosexceptions.hpp File Reference

Various exceptions used throughout the Zipios++ library, all based on zipios::Exception. More...

#include "zipios++/zipios-config.hpp"
#include <stdexcept>
#include <string>
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class  zipios::Exception
 Base exception of the zipios environement. More...
class  zipios::FileCollectionException
 FileCollectionException is used to signal a FileCollection problem. More...
class  zipios::InvalidException
 An InvalidException is used when invalid data is provided. More...
class  zipios::InvalidStateException
 Exception used when it is not possible to move forward. More...
class  zipios::IOException
 An IOException is used to signal an I/O error. More...


 The zipios namespace includes the Zipios++ library definitions.



Detailed Description

This header file defines a number of exceptions used throughout the Zipios++ library. The declaration includes the implementation. We really only offer a what() string along with the exceptions. We may add some more exceptions to better separate the various errors we generate.

Definition in file zipiosexceptions.hpp.

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